Pellowah & Crystal Energy Healing

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Our lives may become hectic and can feel full-on at times. However, we all need some downtime to enable easy fast tracking into relaxation, nurturing our wellbeing, and continued personal growth. Crystal Energy healing works on mind, body and spirit. It focuses on rebalancing and energising the subtle energy system, meridians, chakras and aura. When our energy systems begin to break down and lose balance under stress, the powerful resonance of crystals can reinstate our own harmonious patterns of health.

Some of the benefits of Crystal Energy healing include:


  • Refreshers, uplifts and energises

  • A fast and effective way to balance the subtle energy system

  • Stress levels and anxiety can be reduced as it aids deep relaxation (built up toxins will be released so you are strongly advised to drink lots more water for at least 3- 5 days after treatment for increased wellbeing)

  • Assists positive mental thought enabling the person to move forward with issues

  • Calms the heart and mind

  • It can aid study and concentration

  • Crystal Energy healing helps to relieve stressful causes of headaches and migraines

  • A useful aid for personal spiritual development

  • Supports other complimentary and beauty therapies like massage, reflexology and reiki.

You may feel your life is on pause and seek personal growth through high frequency energy channelling.  Pellowah is a channelled high vibrational frequency energy which can help you take charge of your own life and increase your capacity for a positive, permanent change. It uses an extremely high vibrational energy frequency, that reconnects you to your highest potential. People are usually drawn to Pellowah when the timing is right for them to move forward in their lives.


The Pellowah Practitioner is a vessel for the transference of energy to facilitate your healing and therefore will not speak or give an opinion into the experience that you have during treatment. It’s a call for you to choose to open up and explore deeper about who you are, through spiritual growth and conscious progression. Pellowah is a way to expand your own awakening and personal horizons.


Contact Julia for more information on remote Crystal Energy healing, and for Pellowah energy channelling - as a trained Practitioner in both modalities.

Find inner peace, feel inner stillness.

Stay grounded – reconnect to Earth.

There’s nothing to lose, except  stress and tension.