Crystal Energy Healing with Julia

Why come to Julia for energy channelling sessions?

Julia is a qualified energy practitioner with more than 10 year’s experience - first training in the Reiki healing modality (Level 1 & 2 practitioner 2010 with Chris Ward Reiki Master); then in Crystal Energy Healing (2017 & 2018 with E Foster at Crystal Heart School of Crystal Healing); then in Pellow Energy channelling (2018 with Julie Parker from Australia).

What is Crystal Energy Healing?

Crystal Energy healing works on the mind, body and spirit. It focuses on rebalancing and energising the subtle energy system, meridians, chakras and aura. When our energy systems begin to break down under stress the powerful resonance of crystals can reinstate our own harmonious patterns of health.

Crystals have a piezoelectric charge which interacts with the magnetic electrical field around the body. This charge retunes the magnetic field. They have different properties which give off different qualities. Each quality can stimulate different meridians or chakras.

"Find inner peace, feel inner stillness. Stay grounded – reconnect to Earth.

There’s nothing to lose, except  stress and tension."

  • Crystal Energy healing helps to relieve stressful causes of headaches and migraines

  • A useful aid for personal spiritual development

  • Supports other complimentary and beauty therapies like massage, reflexology and reiki.

What are the benefits of crystal healing?

  • Refreshers, uplifts and energises

  • A fast and effective way to balance the subtle energy system
  • Stress levels and anxiety can be reduced as it aids deep relaxation (built up toxins will be released so you are strongly advised to drink lots more water for at least 3- 5 days after treatment for increased wellbeing)

  • Assists positive mental thought enabling the person to move forward with issues

  • Calms the heart and mind

  • It can aid study and concentration

    What happens during a session?

    Crystal Energy Healing is non-invasive hands-off energy channelling modality. The treatment is carried out with the client remaining fully clothed, sitting or lying down in a comfortable, quiet place where importantly, they will not be disturbed during the treatment. The client must provide a recent photography ahead of the session. We select specific crystals the we feel are appropriate for each session with each client. The crystals will be laid a round or placed . We then work with the electro magnetic resonance of crystals to balance the subtle energy system for one’s wellbeing.

    After the treatment we will discuss with the client any energy changes and give advice on aftercare.

    Frequency of treatments

    Even one crystal energy healing treatment can make a difference, however a course of regular treatments will assist your health and wellbeing. We call this treatment ‘vibrational medicine’. 

    Who can enjoy crystal energy healing?

    Crystal energy healing is safe for most people. However, there are some contraindications which could cause it to be non-therapeutic. We will complete a consultation form on your first visit to ensure that it is safe for you – as part of your introduction time. Our healings are enhanced with the use of colour therapy and sound healing. All our crystals are lovingly cleansed and charged for optimum effect.

    How much does it cost?

    Crystal energy healing (distant/remote), first treatment with consultation £55.00

    Takes approx 1 hour (plus 15 minute phone call after initial treatment to discuss any energy changes and after care treatment).

    Following treatments take 45 minutes and each cost £50.

    Distant Crystal Energy Healing £50.00.

    Each treatment takes approx 45 minutes.

    Note: Only Distant Crystal Energy Healing sessions are available.

    Distant healing can be given to a client in: UK; European Union; USA; Australia; New Zealand. A photograph of the client must be provided. Payment is made in advance at the time of booking each session.

    “Making time to learn to love and care for ourselves, comes before we can care for others. Love and care for yourself, then your wife / husband / partner; then your family; then significant others.”

    “Creativity is a combination of discipline and childlike free spirit.”